winter preparations

Another busy fall season has passed. The crew did a fabulous job keeping the course playable and doing final cleanups. Not sure there is such a thing as a final cleanup when some oaks hold their leaves seemingly all winter but it is a landscaping term used to denote the last time they clean the property for the season. We of course are open all year so continue to clean the property as necessary. We have had some massive winds lately so there are a few greens that are in need of cleaning off again. A few trees have come down around the property that require attention. With gusts over 50 mph is it a wonder more trees do not come down. We actually had our first real snow fall Friday night with 4-6" coming down before the storm changed to a warm front and a lot of rain.. Sunday had more rain and temps near 60 so all evidence of the snow is gone but the flash freeze Sunday night reminds us it is winter.

Large pine near practice putting green

How many more old trees are hollow?

Not as much snow on the Cape but 1st full storm

Late bloomers
I brought a load of leaves to our area on 6 where we mine for materials, stockpile chips and topsoil and dispose of natural waste. I see pictures and hear stories of courses who have to haul every bit of  debris off property and think of how lucky we are to have a space to deal with this. Someday we are going to have to grind this material up into compost/soil but access is still the biggest hurdle for large equipment. Over the last 21 years we have done a lot of construction to the course adding tees and rebuilding bunkers. This requires materials whether base fill or topsoil and if it can be gained on-site it saves time and money. A lot of this material was taken from a spot behind the 5th tees to the right of the 6th hole. The following pictures might give a little perspective:
late 90's notice the snow fence on top for safety

Area much different today and Josh is much taller now.

snow fence no longer necessary

reverse direction from what was once a hole is now a mountain

top of the cliff edge. notice snow fence
The lighting was not great with the shadows but every time I go into this area I see that picture of my son as a little boy and the huge cliff. amazing what 20+ years can do to an area.

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