Catching up and by the numbers

Not the best picture below but the new cart fleet has come in. They stopped making the DS model that we have been running for over a decade and we were going to have to switch to the Precedent model soon. We pulled the trigger and did them all at once which is a first in my 20 seasons. This will be a very nice change for all cart drivers. All carts are the same model and year 2011 and are very nice. The picture shows a 2010 DS on the left (which we kept) with the range picker frame and a 2011 precedent on the right. We also expanded the fleet.

New cart fleet

Late night fun  restricted to p-lot thank-goodness

Thunder/lightning then hail the other night
As part of the equipment inventory sheet I track the hours. So while updating the sheet today I did a bit of math just to see how many hours we put on a few of the pieces. I thought someone might find it interesting.
hours on the main pieces of equipment for 2015
We appear to be in a cold spell again with temps below freezing and a decent frost starting to build in the ground. They are predicting rain this weekend with high winds so maybe that will thaw us out again but the last storm had all that and we still remained frozen. May be that Winter is here to stay?
As promised here are the numbers from this year:

I cannot figure out how to get the entire spreadsheet of all 20 years posted without it being too small to read or too large to fit right. Suffice to say there are anomalies such as May of 15 but the trend of dry summers and the yearly average being close to normal continues. Not much solace when you are in the middle of a drought struggling with bad water.

We continue to remove the dead trees around the property. It is amazing how much we have suffered from the insect infestations and drought over the last couple of seasons. Golfers continue to enjoy the course albeit only the hardiest of the lot. Hope everyone is enjoying themselves at the beginning of this new year wherever you may be.

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