Patience is a virtue

This has been a strange year to put it mildly. We have a few warm days but then some really cold ones and even snow. When I returned to the island Sunday afternoon and drove the roads what I could see looked clear. It then proceeded to snow and cover everything again. Most of that new snow was gone by Monday evening. We are so close to being able to open it is frightening. If you drive through the property it appears quite open except for the 8th tees and beginning fairway. Most of what you cannot see is clear as well. Half the 3rd fairway is still snow covered and the entire right side path and 4th tees are covered in snow and ice. I am not the legal counsel for the club but common sense tells me it is a hazardous condition and we should wait until it clears. They are predicting snow and rain tonight and tomorrow so hopefully the rain portion is enough to wash away the snow portion and maybe even a little of the remaining snow/ice we have left.
left was snow covered and protected -  Right open and wind blown
There was a good article on golf shoe spikes that I thought I would share: Cleat Chaos

I hope we can get you all out there in some fashion next week. I want to be out there cleaning the course and wrapping up the tree work we started and getting the season going as much as you. Trust me. And thank you for your patience.

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