Google year in review


The video above was sent to me by Google.They make a movie of selected pictures and videos that you have posted throughout the year. It is pretty cool to look back over the year in this format. It starts with Murph's daughter Dr. Kim Burke accepting the Charter for the MV Toastmasters club of which I am Secretary. It then shows quite a few storms some being snow others rain, a video of our beach in a Nor'easter. Some great sun rises and sets. A snowy picture of my back yard in Sandwich. Lots of Bert. A few projects and it even tossed in the one of Mark Yale, one of our former members. I hope you enjoy it.

We are in the beginning of yet another rain event here on MV with 5.64" so far in December. I will wait until after the new year to do a recap of the season. The wet weather I predicted back in August or September may have been a bit delayed but it did not disappoint. It has been wet.

Best wishes to everyone this holiday season.

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