one of those weeks A Presidential Snub?

Have you ever just had "one of those weeks"? The erratic workings of the irrigation computer system reached an all time high this week. I have been battling skipped cycles and partial cycles since the middle of July. I had to sleep with a hand held radio in my apartment listening for radio tones which signal that the system is working. I would get up in the middle of the night and walk to my office and literally beat the base station into re-setting and getting some more water out. It was becoming so frequent it was almost a normal schedule. But this week it peaked and turned into daily rides around the course in the middle of the night with enough time to get home for a shower and breakfast before heading into work for 5:15. I'll save the story of how many mistakes could happen on the delivery of one part but suffice to say it was easily half a dozen. They were so repetitive all I could do was laugh. In the end the vendor stepped up and drove from RI to CT to pick up the part and deliver it to a fast ferry to get it here. Took some reprogramming and three more phone calls to get it to work but we are on our way to being back in business. At least tonight the irrigation should run without supervision.
native areas being mowed early this year to save $ in the fall

red tailed hawk was busy cleaning out the vermin

white tail deer came to shop for a visit
This would be the first time President Obama came to the island and played golf and did not play here. Seeing as how we are having a great season, despite the extreme dry weather, so I cannot imagine that is the reason he did not play. My mother thinks it is because last year I tweeted pictures of the Secret Service and this year posted a picture here of the White House staff, but since no one from the SS has ever visited me and given me the rubber hose treatment that cannot be it. So what else could it be than a straight up snub? I told all the members that asked me at the closing luncheon that you just cannot predict what a lame duck President will do. I for one will not jump on the President bashing band wagon and certainly not for playing golf. The last thing this industry needs is anyone saying someone should play less.

Don't forget it is aerifying season so be sure to check in with the pro-shop for details. Greens are closed this Tuesday 9/2 as we attempt greens/collar and approaches. We may start tees next week also if we survive greens and the irrigation system lets me sleep at night.

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