I think it is official this has become a bi-weekly blog. Last Friday was the men's Member-Guest so maybe I will run with that excuse for not posting. Speaking of the Member Guest we survived. The ladies had a perfect day for a change and the men managed 27 holes un-scathed. Only a few groups bagged out on the final nine holes and the rest fought the good fight through a steady rain. A few teams earned points and a few lost them. It finished with a three-way tie for first and it was decided on a chip off on 9 to avoid playing more full holes in the rain. Great events and a good time was had by all.
last nine  of men's mem-guest radar
We continued to do a few projects around the property. During the Ladies Mem-Guest we headed to the beach to install some snow fence. It helps divert sand blowing into the channel. It was a nice reprieve to be off the course. Hard to complain about the view. The course continues to hold up and we seem to have recovered from the dollar spot fungus outbreak, thank goodness. I had not been on the nursery putting green in many days and was a little surprised to see a major outbreak on it as well. That green gets shortchanged sometimes on our plant protectant sprays and when the pressure is high it is susceptible.
beach excursion

Dollar spot on nursery
We have made it to August. As a resort area we survive on tourism but it seems our patience wears a little thin by the end of summer. And that is a collective MV not just Mink Meadows. There is often a stereotype associated with the August visitor. I am not sure they truly are more demanding or the above fatigue sets in?In the locker room the other night before my skate I heard this story where there was a long line at one of the post office counters and a woman walked up to the front and asked if she could cut the line stating "she was on vacation". I'll let you be the judge but that is surely a classic.
We are all preparing for our famous August visitors: The President, First Lady, their daughters and then a few hundred Secret Service, White House staff and press. They came to do their prep this week in case POTUS decides to play here. Always a fun experience to be part of "the Show".
Staffers getting ready for a vacation
The way this summer is flying by it will be Labor Day before you know it. That means cooler nights and great golfing weather, not that we have not had some of that already this summer. It also means aerification. We will again be contracting out a deep tine aerification of greens the day after Labor Day. We will attempt collars and approaches in-house as well that same day. Next will be tees and hopefully fairways and rough as the month continues. I will remind everyone again as we get closer. Until then enjoy the rest of summer.
Ethereal sunrise 1 fwy

great light 6 fwy from 4 green

window after a thunder storm

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