July Hurricanes?

Well July is sure coming in with a bang. First heat wave in Boston for the season. Earliest hurricane to hit the Carolina's since the 1800's. Luckily for us the projected path is well out to sea but earlier in the week before that was the case it made for some anxious moments. We will hopefully get some much needed rain out of the deal. The winds are not supposed to be too bad relative to what we see out here on a fairly regular basis. I am sure a few sticks and branches will come down but hopefully not much more. The weather looks good for most of the Holiday weekend with only this afternoon and tonight being disrupted by rain. Enjoy the break in humidity that follows the rain.

Ben working the rails

I took ladder duty after Chris prepped this area

Josh and Ben
We through lots of bodies at prepping and painting the deck and porch railing this week. We put a good dent in project and will try to wrap that area up next week before moving on to other areas. As you can see the hydrangea around the clubhouse are in their full glory. A member asked me why the ones in Katama (south side of the island) are no where near blooming? I should have directed her to last weeks blog post about micro climates. Instead I explained that parts of the island can be weeks apart in terms of flower bloom. The days are flying by and we are into normal summer routines: mow/water/rake- repeat. A few projects get tossed into the mix such as the above mentioned painting and also the brush cutting on the sides of the roads. Will has begun that in earnest. The tourney schedule is upon us with flag day today, the Mink in progress and the member-guests and championships coming up. This will keep us on our toes for course preparations.

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