The 80's and First Member - Member

No I am not talking about the decade but the degrees Fahrenheit. Summer weather is officially here with our first days in the 80's. Good news for the beach goers. The course is playing well and starting to look normal with the fescue growing to a pretty and formidable height. We are getting lots of compliments and on behalf of me and the staff we thank-you. We lost Murph last Saturday as he took a spill while at Veteran's park. He has a high grade tear in his hamstring and is on crutches and the injured reserve list. We managed to pull off back to back 8 am shotguns with the ladies opening day and our first member/member. Josh Baker returned to the staff which was a huge help. He is however a recent college graduate and actively pursuing jobs in his chosen field. We are happy to have him back in any capacity. We are half way through the member/member but judging by the smiles today I would say it has been a success. Tomorrow evening we will have the opening cocktail reception so it has been a busy week and a great kick off to the season.

Green were spiked this week

Jeff Oakes, CLE Engineering dropping in a data logger into old well

striped up fairway from a bit too much iron

sunrise Thursday Mink Meadows pond

sunrise Friday 4th hole
 We began our Bioject applications this week to fend off the dollar spot fungus. We also dropped a tide logger into our old well to take measurements of the water table. We are hoping to gain more insight into our salt water intrusion issue. We will graph the tide level with the ground water level and the salinity of the irrigation well. Hopefully this data will put us on the right track to come up with the best possible solution for remediation in the future.

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