Weekly update and auction records

We are finding our stride as the weather continues to improve. We are mowing more consistently on most areas and even mowed rough for the first time this week. That mowing was interrupted by rain which included a hail storm but we managed to finish the next day. The place is starting to look sharp with everything greening up and looking tight from being mowed. We added sand to most all the bunkers and will wrap that up when we can get more delivered. The buds on the trees are just starting to pop and the daffodils and forsythia are in full bloom. There are more and more golfers every day and familiar faces amongst the returning snowbirds.
shed roof w/ hail
hail that bounced inside the door

BB sized hail chased Fred & Otis off the course this week while mowing rough.

The town wrapped up the water line installation on Golf Club Road so we are done with the inconvenience of road closures. They just have to get it online after they are done with annual flushing of the entire system and checking hydrants in the process. We received a few truck loads of rocks for our stockpile including some big ones (see picture) The Tee Up NE auction concluded Monday and it was our best year so far. It was also Mink's donated rounds best year. It sold for $240 and received the most bids in the entire auction. That is awesome. I posted here about the auction and also added a link to Twitter and Google +. I have no idea who purchased the round but thank-you and if you contact me I will do everything I can to make your round a special experience (not to say that every round at Mink is not special). Thank-you also to any others who may have bid on other courses. I have been a fan of this program from the beginning and hope to see it continue to grow with more clubs every year.
water line installation

Thank-you note from Julian Robinson
While doing a little spring cleaning I came across a few thank-you cards from Julian Robinson the photographer/poet who took the best osprey pictures on the island. He used to come here and take pictures of our ospreys but would need us to open the gate to the beach. Each time he came he would follow it with a note and a picture. I have a couple hanging on my wall in my office but found this one in a photo album. Julian passed away a couple of years ago and it was nice to find this and reflect on what a nice man he was. He came once looking for the "baby owls" nesting on the porch. Someone had called him to tell him there were barn swallows nesting on our front porch. Disappointed in the garbled message and there not being owls he did make the best of it and took pictures. His picture was on the cover of the Times with the heading Me, Mom! Me!! the caption reads "Four birdies - a great score. But work is never over for this mother of quadruplets at Mink Meadows' clubhouse." That was August of 2001. I laminated it and hung it on my office wall.

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