Hurry up and Wait

I posted a bit on the storm as it happened earlier this week. I survived my frustrations of a march blizzard by going to the beach three times during the storm and taking pictures and videos and then blogging and tweeting them. Caught a great sunset but missed the best timing. I went too early and forgot my gloves so my hands were frozen after 20 minutes and I became impatient. Dealing with the course however requires all the patience I can muster at this point. It was perfectly clean except for a few wood lines and the expectation is that it is a twiggy mess. Reality as the snow slowly melts and we can drive out there is that it could have been a lot worse. "amazing how clean it is" I think is how Will phrased it to Chris. No real tree damage and no major limbs just a bunch of small twigs and even they stayed fairly concentrated. So now the question becomes when will be able to get it cleaned up? We are losing snow today but it is still out there and the forecast is for rain off and on and heavy at times for the next several days. The plan is to open with temporaries tomorrow and begin the cleanup.
Range tee which actually has a cover on it
deck chair before
deck chairs after
Chris continued the work on the aluminum deck furniture from the clubhouse. He is painting inside the pump house now while we wait for the snow to melt. Fred Pekari arrived back on the island this week so it must be Spring. I went to the MVC meeting last night where they voted in the DCPC for fertilizer use on Martha's Vineyard. I tried to hang in the shadows but was asked a pointed question about how the new regulations would impact golf courses. So if you have cable and enjoy the show which is the MVC you will get a glimpse of me on TV. I will update more on the regulations in another post.
 sunset after the blizzard

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