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Started this blog a little over three years ago 12/11/10 and we have had 30,254 hits in that time. I had no idea how much this would be looked at when I started and certainly felt like I was writing a diary to myself in the beginning. It appears to be gaining traction. The conversations this week on Twitter and course blogs are focusing on snow and ice and the possibility of winter kill. Much of the Midwest has been under ice for 40-60 days and this is the limit for grass to survive. As much as I have lamented our continued loss and recover of snow and ice it certainly is better than complete cover with ice. Snow acts as a great insulation so to have some when the temperatures plummet is a great thing. We received a dusting yesterday afternoon and this morning the temperature is 13 with a 15-25 mph wind so wind chills are -9. Not very hospitable but better than many parts of the country. There is another big storm predicted for Monday with south coast getting the most amount 6-12" predicted. The roller coaster continues. To say we are getting sick of this would be an understatement. March can be a tough month out here but we usually have some days in the 40's and are able to start course clean up. Time will tell.
During the warm up broke out the grader before the next freeze
Nstar/Comcast barges getting close to wrapping up

1 of 4 tractor trailer loads being pulled off job site

Nstar/ Comcast construction job wrapping up
fishing boat on the way back Sunday evening

Murph and I moved all the mailboxes at the end of Golf Club Road near the main entrance onto a single frame we constructed. It made us nervous as the tractor trailers were pulling out of the job site I described in an earlier post. They would come within a foot of our new frame which is actually farther away than the last post was so that box may have been destroyed. I have since placed a couple rocks in front of the end post (see pictures below) We will do a similar change to the boxes at the Bigelow Rd entrance once we figure out if the landowners are purchasing new boxes. The one we did had many non-Mink Meadows people so it was easier to simply transfer the boxes over.
mailboxes before

Murph setting up generator

finished product with rocks

Opposite view

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