Winter is coming

We had our first snowfall this week. May not seem like much of a big deal but we rarely get snow this early in the season. If we do it does not last more than a couple of hours. This was the case for the first wave but it kept snowing and the temperature dropped into the 20's so it stayed on the grass for 1.5 days. The day after the high temp may have hit 35 but it was blowing and bitter cold. I blew roads off so Chris and Murph could fill potholes while Fred drove. It was cold enough that Bert had no interest in riding instead he ran all around trying to stay warm while my fingers and toes went numb. The snow was mostly melted by noon. Enough at least for us to continue the leaf clean up. They are dropping in earnest now and some greens need to be cleaned off several times a day.
First fairway
poor late bloomer
First fwy next day. still snow covered
swans in pond by parking lot
We had a late season rose blooming and I bet it was shocked to get a dusting of snow. I brought them in and put them in a vase to keep them from freezing.  The temps climbed back up later in the week and golf resumed as usual. Was this a harbinger of things to come? Only time will tell. Guess we should get the irrigation system blown out and the plows serviced just to be safe.

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