2013 Turfnet members trip Bandon Dunes

The boys managed the fort while I took a week off to head out to Oregon for the second year in a row. They managed to get all the tees aerified, cleaned up and topdressed along with regular course duties. We will attempt greens this week. Below is a day by day account of my trip that I typed up in Evernote on my phone. Truly a magical place if you like Links golf:

10/26 Fly in take cab direct to Sheep Ranch and have a perfect warm-up 6 holes?
 Doug Middleton pictured "lone golfer"
This article was sent to all participants and summed up my experience last year while playing there alone with Mark Chant. Could not wait to to see it again.  http://theaposition.com/jeffwallach/golf/courses-and-travel/50/flocking-to-the-sheep-ranch

All rounds from green tees unless noted*
10/27 18 Pacific Dunes 91
          18 Bandon Dunes from black* tees 91
Both just me and Frank Tichenor

10/28 Started before light with breakfast at the main Turf Maint. Facility and a Q & A session with the Agronomy staff. Superintendents from each course were on hand to answer questions.
Ken Nice, director of Agronomy, in center led the tour. Tom Jefferson is to his left. Tom is in charge of all common areas and responsible for constructing and maintaining the labyrinth. Picture by Peter McCormick

18 Bandon Trails 87 w Aussies: Matt "Taz" Tacilauskas & David Dore-Smith "double D or Knockers", & Butch "don't call me Yankee" Sheffield. The Aussies who are both living and working out of south Florida played together every round since they carried their own bags. They liked to play a Presidents cup match against their opponents. When Butch and I went 1 up I heard "seppos up by one" I asked what's a seppo? answer with large smile and Aussie accent seppo is short for septic tank or yank. Butch responded with "I been called a lot of things in my life but a damn Yankee aint one of them". Butch is a proud son of the south hailing from the fair state of North Carolina.
18 Old Macdonald 86 w/Scott Schukraft, Mike "Cookie" Cook & Doug "Midds" Middleton
Butch, Me, Double D, Taz. Picture by Peter McCormick

10/29 18 Old Mac 95 w/ Dennis "Silky" Hurley, Taz & Knockers sorry Dennis bad partner did make 1birdie though. Dennis played for LSU and still has one of the smoothest swings I have ever seen hence the nickname.Every shot he hit was pure in my eyes. Shot in the 70's every round.
We did lunch at Pacific then Punchbowl putting green w/ Bandon Staff
Jon Kiger, in red on rt gathering the troops. Picture by Peter McCormick

Then in the afternoon I attempted to go to the beach only to discover the beach path closed until they build a new one. So I went for a walk in search of a sunny spot to enjoy a few chapters of my book and discovered the quiet reflective spot constructed in honor of Howard McKee who was Mike Keiser the Bandon developer and visionary's long time friend and collaborator on the Bandon Project. When he discovered Howard had colon cancer Mike asked him what he could do for him and Howard said put in a labyrinth. Pictures do not do the spot justice
It took me exactly 400 steps to make this journey through the labyrinth and was a wonderful experience

10/30 18 Bandon Dunes 86 w/ Frank, Mark Chant  Sean Potter best nine here with a 39 on front and almost a "crowther" (full 10 strokes worse) on back.
          18 Old Mac Scramble with a return match between me and Scott vs "Cookie & "Midds" we won the overall with a birdie on 18
Me an Old Mac Picture by Peter McCormick

10/31 18 Pacific Dunes never asked score but mid-high 90's w/ John Gall and "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie" boys. We literally ran off 18 green to cabs and the airport
David Dore-Smith with Matt Tacilauskas way in the back. My ball just above DD's bag close to cliff
Perfect ending to a perfect 5 days. A nice rainbow

Tale of the tape: three days of 36 holes each for a grand total of 150 holes of golf. Frank was our leader with over 160 because he had a head start on Sheep Ranch and played the 13 hole Preserve while I was finding peace with my game and self at the labyrinth.

For more on the trip see this link on TurfNet HERE
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