Quiet week

As we adjust to Fall and the many changes the new season brings it seemed to be a fairly mundane week. Not necessarily a bad thing. The leaves continue to fall but most at this point are the damaged ones from the wasp damage on oak trees. A few trees have started to show a color change and may be losing leaves but the big leaf drop is yet to come. The acorns are another matter indeed. We continue to see them in select areas. George Balco spotted five deer on the 1st green munching away like they were at the 5pm buffet at their favorite restaurant.  The tracks in the green are getting old and with bow season right around the corner these guys will either get scarce or become someone's dinner.
1st green buffet. email subject read "juvenile delinquents"
We continue to see skunk damage on fairways and rough but that should subside as the grubs burrow deeper in the soil for winter. Will is on vacation this week so I have made a few runs in the dark to solve this problem. My truck still smells for the effort. Luckily the list of broken equipment is short so we have not missed a beat on any work we have tried to accomplish this week. Next week is a short one with Columbus Day right around the corner. We have a few projects to wrap up before winter so a few busy weeks are in store. The boat was packed as I returned to MV yesterday so some people are returning to enjoy the long weekend. I was off playing a round of golf at a nine-hole private course in Westport, MA. It was a very nice course in a great setting. The weather was fine and I even hit the ball decent. I purchased the round on the Tee up NE auction for turfgrass research held the week after the Masters. Hopefully the number of courses grows and the opportunity for people to play around NE increases.
view over coastal pond to barrier beach

pond and Buzzards Bay

you could see Cuttyhunk and Aquinnah cliffs

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