First Family Fever

It is that time of year when everything seems to revolve around our most famous visitors. If it is not direct sightings it is the traffic or what the poor folks actually did every minute while on their vacation. People would be very bored and disappointed if they followed me around for a week. He has not left the property since when? Actually I snuck away a few times in the last week. Went out to dinner on Saturday night in Oak Bluffs. That was enough to cure me for the rest of the summer on night excursions. I managed a couple of rounds at Farm Neck this week, sadly I was picking any weeds I saw (not many) and must have fixed a couple of dozen ball marks. Guess you can take the green keeper off his course but not from his course. I did however handle my horrible game with a lot more grace and poise than I was showing here at home. I do apologise for that. Not that I was totally off the wall but I do miss playing with Mark Yale. His outbursts always made Me feel better and were always amusing. Nothing like the catharsis of a full on whirly bird eh Mark? Even saw one of the those from an elder member this summer. Been one of those years, I guess.

Time away from the property is always a good thing even if just for a few frustrating hours on another golf course. I met some new people, a couple old acquaintances and simply got away. I imagine that must be a lot of what this trip must feel like for President Obama. Good to simply get away. Might get to see a little more of the family and actually do stuff with them like normal people. If there is anything normal about being on MV. Play a little golf, hoops, maybe even an ice cream on a hot afternoon? I hope he gets to do it all and more. I know I am looking forward to a vacation. I have lots of honey-do things adding up on the other side of the pond and time there even if working is fun and relaxing for me. You have to remember this is my first ever home ownership so even though I started late in life I enjoy the prospect of sealing my driveway. Just wish I could get over there more often. I have another trip to Bandon Dunes planned for the end of October also.
Will chatting with someone who came out to fly his remote ??? spaceship?

"Guess you can take the green keeper off his course
but not from his course"

posted on Twitter to a couple of pathologists I follow response:

they have loony red tails at Farm Neck too. Could have touched this guy
We may get another chance to meet the President and maybe you will be lucky to see one of the family around town. You may also get stuck in a traffic jam or bumped ahead or behind on your tee time, either way it is only for a short time so please have patience. The guys I played with at FN said we are under the highest threat level there is right now. I asked if he plays my course does that mean I should get hazard pay? They said I should leave and go play another course. I reminded them I live here so nowhere to go. The buzz should make the month go quickly so my wish from last weeks post will come true.

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