rain all around and not a drop to drink

Careful what you wish for are words to live by so I will preface this with I do not want a deluge of rain from these thunderstorms going by. It is amazing to me how they look like they are going right over us and yet we do not get a drop. The humid stretch we are in is perfect for disease and you do not have to look very far to see the evidence. So the only way we can combat this is to try and remain as dry as possible. There is a fine line however and with the extreme heat we had last week we dried out to the extreme in many locations. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. The greens continue to have one of their best years for overall playability and health. It is where we concentrate our efforts and expenses so it is nice to see it paying dividends. The disease pressure is so bad we have breakthrough on our tees just days after a conventional fungicide spray. The Bioject on fairways continues to struggle to keep up with the pressure. When using a biological approach, and conventional for that matter, sometimes mother nature simply wins the day. Or in this case the week so far at least. There was talk of a back door cold front all over NE but I never felt it. The high wind has been our only savior from the oppressive humidity. Let's hope the wind continues.
Scenes from around the course:
anyone remember these from in front of the old clubhouse?

Pipsissewa Info on wild herb

sunrise over yacht basin east

fungus amongus. brown patch and dollar spot

Bert and the turkeys

4 fwy irrigation repair. soil is dust
Bert seeding divots with me. I put his ball ball in the pail because he was driving me nuts. He was determined to get it.

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