Tournament prep

Well we managed to pull it off. The course has had a transformation in the last few days. To me it has looked like  it does all winter. Messy. Now it has that manicured look to it. A lot of the change was mowing. Everything has been mowed several times this week and that regular repeated cutting makes the turf stand up at attention and look neater. The seed heads are still flying on fairways and that gives them a whitish hue but they look better. The rough has been cut everywhere and trimmed so it is almost even everywhere. It is still growing in fits and starts. The weather has dipped back into cold and raw but we are making strides and most of this week was stellar. The staff deserves a big pat on the back to whip the place into shape after a tough few weeks cleaning up sticks, building tees and moving a cart path. I will admit I had my doubts we could make it happen. The PA tourney will be here and gone by the time I post again and people will love the place.
interesting clouds one afternoon 4 T

newest tees even received a haircut this week. Looking good.
As usual we will aerify and topdress the greens on Monday May 6th. This will give us three weeks before Memorial Day. I do not think they will need that time to recover fully as we usually have them back to normal in about 7 days. We will also be aerifying and topdressing tees soon especially the new ones. This will help break through any mat the new sod may have and also help to smooth them out. The ones built last year have been done once already and as soon as this years are ready we will do those. I look forward to better weather and seeing more of you return on the coming weeks. I have been tweeting regular updates so if you are interested in short snippets as to what may be going on around the property look me up @22crowther

As soon as I posted this I received an email with the above video of the NERTCS video produced by one of our vendors. Check it out. The golf auction we had was successful  and as soon as I get details I will post them.

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