What a week, Tees, Boston Crisis, Snow

It is Saturday morning and I am sitting at my kitchen table in Sandwich. Seems like I have not been here in months when actually I was here one night this week to pick up sod for the first set of tees. I cannot tell you which day at the moment it was that kind of week. I would be remiss not to mention the horrific tragedy in Boston this week. Where do you begin? The bombing, the shootout, the lock-down, the capture? I must admit I was distracted trying to get the new forward tees finished so did not give this much attention. We did however discuss it at Toastmasters Wednesday evening as one of our members, (always looking for more hint, hint, 1st and third Wednesdays), had come straight from Boston and gave a us a run down. I did listen all day, in my head set, to the search and watched live the capture. It was bizarre to say the least. Strange times we are living in and I am not sure I like them. It is raining this morning and there is no better feeling than knowing your entire efforts for the week are getting exactly what they need. The tees came out great. Anyone who knows me understands how hard that is for me to say. Usual references to the course are subdued and praise reflected but for the sake of self improvement and the hard work me and my staff put in this week it is worth a little self praise. The players watching the progress were happy with the results and the ladies who were playing the tees we built in the Fall were giddy with anticipation.
finished products, posted on twitter

Boys hard at work on 3

ran into an issue on 3. it was the dump site for fairway when constructed

view of 7 from behind new tee. I want to play this tee!

posted on twitter live

6 tee and cart path re-location before, during &completed

Boston Strong

banner at high school base ball field I helped build

Simon Verbosek's house in Slovenia

The King
Other highlights since my last post: Master's controversy and finale, Snowed a foot or more in parts of the country. My friends in Minnesota are losing their minds having just been able to get on their courses and start work they woke up and had to shovel and plow yet again. Our old Foreman from Slovenia, Simon, posted a bunch of pictures on Facebook of his house he is building. And lastly the Tee up NE auction is ending Monday so if you have not checked out the site please do because there are some great courses and the bids are crazy low. https://www.proxibid.com/asp/Catalog.asp?aid=64517

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