It feels like I keep writing about weather and how topsy turvy it has been but this week we had two days at 50 and one was very humid so it felt like summer and then yesterday a high of 40 with a breeze felt like Winter. Of course it dropped to 23 degrees last night so today WAS Winter with any moisture freezing over. We continue to plod along however and try to improve the property every day.
Chris painting floor of chemical building

Brian Murphy cleaning up left side of 9
We made a good dent on cleaning up the left side of nine where a bunch of trees were removed and the stumps ground. 5 dump trucks and 2 workman loads is certainly a lot of debris. We also took delivery of our plant protectants and fertilizer this week so organizing of those supplies and their storage buildings took some time. Add the delivery of new carts, a few dumptrucks of rapp filling potholes, some cup changing, flagstick repair, equipment repair and you have another busy week. It looks like the ground hog was wrong and the rest of this month will be cold so no reason to rush back and if you are alraedy here stop by and say hello the greens and clubhouse are open and the course gets a little cleaner every day.

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