End of March - let the season begin!

Sure am glad to see this month go. It can be the worst month of the year out here. You anticipate the end of winter and Spring fever starts to take hold but if the wind is up it just dampens everything. We have had some good days but we are all looking forward to more sunny days and some heat. I have heard of some outdoor showers being turned on out here but I think we will give it another week before we start gambling with mother nature and frozen pipes.
Chris mowing 5 green

before on top  and after lower side

double training this week, Murph is on approaches

Jon Allen from DAF doing the flow meter calibration and pump service
We had some sure signs of spring with the return of the osprey, first mowing, pump station turn on and a lime application. We do not lime all that often but our soils continue to be out of whack because of the salt water intrusion in our well. The addition of a high calcium lime will do wonders to get them closer to balanced and provide for a good growing environment. When the sodium cation displaces calcium cations it changes many things in the soil. Structure is lost and the rest of your chemistry is off so fertilizers and plant protectants are affected as well. The weekend forecast is sketchy for sat but Easter Sunday is looking good.
almost finished paint job on pump station - new valve installed this week

Will applying lime to course

Pit expansion - Stumps being pulled - next topsoil cleared

organizational meeting to prep for channel cut starting Monday

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