Winter, and Sad Note

It is official. We are in the thick of it now. Snow cover, single digit temperatures, wind. Not very appealing. We kept ourselves busy ( indoors as much as we could) with year-end paperwork: water use report, road maintenance hours, quick books budget broken down by month. The boys did a little snow plowing while I was off at the Rhode Island Golf Course Superintendents Assoc.'s annual meeting at Pawtucket CC. We received about 4" in a coastal storm that was originally predicted to be 6-12". The new irrigation computer arrived and so I began to train Chris on how to use that program as well as the pump station and weather station software.
8th bunker with drifting snow
Chris spent some time cleaning up the room next to my office so he could begin the breakdown and prep of ball washers for painting.
Storage room
The tree company also continued the vista clearing for a few of the landowners on the ninth hole. This was mostly all pine trees and generated many pieces for the saw miller. He has taken out two loads already and has at least one or two more. This area is very different and may shock a few of you upon first viewing. Having been in the trees on the left side of nine on that steep slope with no choice but to punch out it will be interesting to actually have a play for the green now. It may even speed up play. Originally on the master plan of renovations done in the mid-90's there were two bunkers proposed  behind the 150 cedar. These were never built for a number of reasons. Assuming the cedar would be removed also maybe their addition would be revisited.

Log pile growing in parking lot

Chris grabbing pine logs with bobcat
View from beginning of fairway
view from rt side of fwy by waste area

I was saddened to learn that Peter Lally passed away recently. As you may know, Peter worked in our pro shop for a short time before moving to Edgartown GC and was the husband of long time employee Sandy Lally. Our deepest sympathies to Sandy and her family.


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