Days 4 & 5 forward tee project

We accomplished a great deal in the last two days. First thing Monday we started the new tee on hole 2. We had to return the borrowed sod cutter. I also tilled that spot ,until the tiller blew a hydraulic hose. Mountains of material have been trucked around. Our beach  excavating contractor (Steve) used his front end loader to haul the topsoil from our bin to the two tees on number one. We ran short and started to order topsoil. They could not deliver us any yesterday so Steve was able to get us one at the end of the day. Unfortunately we received rain since the last delivery and also doubled the amount in the truck so he got stuck and made a nice mess of tire tracks. Dumped the load in our bin and we hauled it out with our truck. He left his truck here this morning with another load picked up on the way and walked over to dig some more at the beach.  When we emptied the bin he dumped the second truck. Goodales finally arrived with a load and we attempted to put that on the back tee to no avail. So third load in the bin today. Each load was about 20 ton so if you are keeping score the original stuff we hauled out was approximately 40-50 ton plus three purchased loads for a total of 100 ton plus the 40 ton of concrete sand used as fill equals 140-150 tons of material on two tees. Good news is the forward most tee is ready for sod and the back tee is real close.

first thing mon morning cutting & stripping new tee on 2

Bert inspecting ruts


loader made quick work of our pile

Steve opening up the channel

Will final grading the forward most tee on one 

finish product ready for sod

forward most tee on 1 looking back towards other tees

view from behind same tee
I'll call this middle tee on 1. needs final grading

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