Day 9+ and a wrap

The tee top sod we purchased came late Friday afternoon so we called it a day and Kev sodded the middle tee on 1 Sunday after the rain on sat. It rained hard Sunday/Monday so we were not able to work on the new tee on 2 until today. We also had some undercut from the water getting under the sod on the muddle tee we will repair tomorrow. Thankfully it was not a major washout and so we will fix it up and put an old greens cover over the back section to hopefully keep the water from running under the sod and doing it again. We were able to wrap up the tee on two and just in time as the rough sod we cut and rolled up a week ago was getting yellow. We will also try to repair the rut damage on 1 tomorrow and put this tee project to bed for the year. Our focus will be buttoning up the course for winter and working on the roads before winter.
finished product 1 middle tee

the dirt is what washed out from under sod

Bert inspecting the washout damage

tees on 1 from deck

2 tee just about ready for sod

Wife texted asking how the tee was coming so took this to show her

Kevin chipping away at sodding

completed tee on # 2

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