update for the begining of fall

We have been busy in spite of the dreary weather. Seems like we have flipped coasts or become like a British isles course. The sun is a welcome change when it does arrive. I was given some sod leftover from a new house being built a little over a week ago. The donor, Connie ODoherty, is a member here and builder. The weather was perfect in that we were not under a lot of stress to get in planted. We rolled it out on tarps and waited to find the right places to put it.

sod rolled out for safe keeping
4 White tee before

4 white tee bank

Will and Kevin prepping for sod

4 green cart path edge after

7 green cart path edge
cart path by 3 green

I also did a little root pruning with the sod work. They can be a trip hazard in spots as the picture above shows on 3 cart path. There were some visible ones on the entrance to the 4 white tee so I cut a trench there as well. We had a couple of outside tournaments since my last post here. The Golf Course Superintendents Association of Cape Cod was the first. This was our fourth time hosting a September meeting since I arrived. The format we have used each time is to play here in the morning and then head over to Edgartown Golf Club and play nine there. It is always a good time and a favorite of many who come. The second was a similar format where the MGA, Mass Golf Assoc. held a members day event here and at EGC. This was the first time one was held here and by all accounts a successful event. Players came from all over the state and played 18 here on a Monday afternoon shotgun and then if they chose 18 at EGC tue am.

fescue/little bluestem area in front of 8 tee

opposite view after mowing

hill to the left of 8 green. Crazy thick stand of little bluestem
We also did a bit of prep for the "bass ackwards" tourney where you play the course in reverse by mowing some of the tall grass areas. Some of these pose a real hazard to playing backwards and it is tough enough to judge the strange approach without getting hung up in some really tough grass.

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