You know it is August when: & House of Cards

We have officially reached August. The calendar confirms it but there are many signs around the course that tell us when it is getting late in the summer. I could explain but I think the pictures will show exactly what I am talking about:
6 fwy and some aggressive divots abandoned

single out before the Ladies Member Guest walking where ever
with all the rain even a deer becomes a vandal

bicycle tracks on 5 green

tire skid from cart. dual pic for "house of cards"
yup that is a divot on a green
Many of these pics could be taken at any time of year and maybe it is the tail end of the long summer that makes us delicate in Aug, but I am one that believes MV gets inundated with people that seem to be a bit overbearing this time of year. I find it hard to believe you can have an excuse for taking a divot out of a green, but that is just me.
The house of cards is just that. The surface may look green and healthy but the real strength of anything lies in the foundation and for plants that is the root system. Come this time of year our roots on fairways and rough are shot. The salt water intrusion has taken its toll and we are an aggressive turn or tap on the brakes away from the skid in the picture above. The crazy rains we have been getting lately are not a big help either. 2 & 3 inches at a time are great to fill a pond but not much else unless it comes over long periods of time, not 30 minutes.
when is the last time you saw a puddle in a bunker here? good lie? in a puddle, in a bunker, behind a tree!!

over 6 inches in a week after a month of zip

fungus among us. bentgrass looks very happy. Poa not so much
A couple more weeks and we will be talking about aerifying (greens the day after Labor Day as always) and the lovely cool nights and Fall golf. A bit of the dog days left to endure, budget season and a few more house guests. Keep smiling and enjoy the warm weather while it is here.

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