Relief ???

Well we missed the major thunderstorm that hit the east coast this week and had some nasty hot weather. I applied a gypsum application to fairways to try and combat the salt we have been pumping out there. It would have been great to get some rain and luckily we did not receive any damage from the t-storms and eventually we did start to get some rain. A tenth of an inch here and there adds up and with the change in temp and no sunshine to speak of the turf is getting a welcome respite. Not hurting morale on the staff much either although it is no fun to work in the rain. We should see a little bounce from this natural rain. It has not been enough to bring everything back but it is a help. The showers have made for some great sunrises for anyone lucky enough to be up to see them. I will highlight some of what has been going on with some pictures:

one of the sunrises this week

salt water rusts the old galvi pipes and the rust settles on the screen of the check valve

tiny acorns starting to fall from oaks. sign of stress?

Hen still wandering the course with her ever decreasing brood

oiled up the new memorial rocking chairs
salt damage 4 fwy

salt damage rose bush. sure hope this doesn't die

salt damage 1 fwy
 So far we are holding our own and most people are happy with the course. The greens and tees have been good and we had a bit of rain and are now on town water so this should flush some salt build up and we can hopefully get through the rest of the summer. the video above was this mornings sunrise.

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