update - shrubs, fountains and mower engines

Another busy week as we get into full swing here. I did not take any pictures of the Bioject being hooked up but we changed our method of applying the bacteria we use to suppress fungal growth on fairways. We used to have two machines in the pump house and we would inject the 58 gallons made into the irrigation system every night. We now have one machine next to the sprayer where we can split the 26 gallons into two loads with the sprayer and spray fairways instead of watering them. This will save water (less salt being added) and be a much higher count of bacteria per gallon of water applied so hopefully it not need to be applied every day. This was set up Wednesday and I sprayed Thursday and Friday.

newest greens mower motor on bench for second time
greens mower with motor missing
We also had an oil leak on the greens mower in the last week or so. Will pulled the motor and replaced an o-ring where the dipstick enters the block. first day out it was still leaking so out the motor comes again and he replaced the gasket on the motor. It had a tear just above where the dip stick is so it appeared to be weeping from that spot. Good news is we had no noticeable damage on greens, Will became real good at pulling a motor out of a triplex and Farm Neck had a gasket in stock so we were back up in no time.
behind 4 green the two shrubs from 8,( and my two fingers in a glove)

8 tee minus two shrubs on the side
Will also found time to move two shrubs from the side of the 8 white tee to behind the 4th green. These shrubs were out of place, should never have been put there and were in our way to do any maintenance on that tee what so ever be it mow, spray, aerify, top dress. With tall grass in front, an overgrown hedge in the back and woods on one side there is only one way to enter this tee. Two shrubs just made it a nightmare. I am attempting to screen the bathroom on 4/5 and also shield the beverage cart when parked there.
Another big project this week was the installation of a water fountain on three tee to replace the igloo cooler. This will make three fountains and eliminate the last of our igloo coolers. The water company gave me a day or two notice so we just jumped in and did the work on our end to make it happen. A long day but we managed to get it in and operational. Day 2 tied up a minor leak and put the finishing touches on the fountain and the trench.
We dug the path crossing by hand to avoid existing irrigation

we stripped sod behind the green and trenched between the lines

to the side of the green we ran it in the woods

Our Mike Sylvia's uncle Tim, who works for the water company

finished fountain 3 tee

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