Super Moon

It was the perfect time to have a full moon and this one was referred to as a 'super moon' for it's exceptional force on tides etc. the timing was good because of the double shotgun today. They try to get the first group off as early as possible to start the day and hopefully get everyone to the PA club for the dinner afterwards at a reasonable hour. This year was the earliest in their 21 years; 7:15. The morning group had 12 teams of mostly fivesomes and the afternoon group has 14 groups. 5 hour rounds are expected with that many people on a nine-hole course.

Super moon at 5am, notice headlights of cart bottom rt
Some of the tasks accomplished this week around the course were the aerification of tees and approaches. We hit the thatchiest spots on tees with hollow cores and the rest of the tees and approaches were solid tines. Due to the wet weather we did not get them top dressed so will try to do that next week. After greens are done tomorrow (5/7) we should be all caught up on major cultural practices for the spring. We began spiking fairways and only have a couple left. We hope to accomplish this task once a month this summer. We mowed the entire course this week which is nothing new but with a big tourney and a couple of rain days it can be a challenge. I also witnessed a bunch of wildlife around the course this week as spring is popping in full glory
Kev spiking fwys

Annual Bluegrass or Hyperodes weevil from pitfall trap

3 white tail deer on 8th
sure sign of spring: oriole
I also trained mike how to grade roads this week. His plan after graduation this year is to go to a heavy equipment school or as his Grandmother, Mardell, calls it bulldozer school. I thought this would be a good start for him.
Mike on the grader for the first time

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