Spring update

We here in the Northeast are in the middle of drought. It has been very dry and i have never seen so many fire hazard warning in the forecast. Seems to be a couple days a week there is a high risk due either to the winds or low due points. The soil is like powder. We watered normally Mon and Tue nights then started deep cycles on specific areas. The turf has responded with a slight color change and we will continue to monitor the soil and water accordingly. Tonight will be the greens turn and they are set at 200% with three repeats. This will equal 39 total minutes doled out at three 13 minute cycles with a rest of 59 minutes in between each cycle. The use of the moisture meter has proven invaluable to determine how wet or dry we are. With the turf not fully green yet it is hard to gauge on color alone.

third green looking a little peaked
The drought had no impact on the 150 tree on the third hole. It just never made it through winter. About a month ago it started to look off color and then just went overnight. We lost a couple cedars on the left of eight a couple of years ago. I guess when it is your time it is your time. Being Spring the pear trees on Clough rd by the Catholic church are flowering and always a spectacular site.

150 tree to the right of three fwy

Bartlett pears I believe

close up of the blossoms
We finally wrapped up the landscaping of the Material Storage Area. Tim Clark came in and hydro seeded the woods to the right of the first fairway. This area was always a bit rough but we beat it up pretty good staging the topsoil from this project. I decide to have it hydro seeded because of the drought we are in i thought the mulch would help get the seed started. Hopefully we get some rain to keep it alive.

Tim Clark spraying out the mulch and seed
We also spent some time tweaking the irrigation system. Much like an automobile an irrigation system runs better when it is used. So after a long nap it tends to start up with a few bugs. the more we run it the more it should smooth out, aside from the normal signs of age and the odd break.

chunks of rust clogging a head on the fourth green. evidence of old abandoned galvi pipes still attached
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