Material Storage area, adding blocks

It was a very productive day monday as we had the excavating contractor Steve Handy arrive with both his loader and excavator. We used the excavator to load the blocks from our current location and configuration to his trailer and then The front end loader to un-load and set in the new location and configuration. It took three trips and several hours but we managed to get them allmoved and set in one day. He loaded up the excavator and took it home and will return tomorrow with twelve more blocks to continue. We should be able to wrap up the block work some time tomorrow. We may try to move some of the plant material around the old set up while Steve is here with his loader as well.

Removing the blocks from the existing site

First block being set

picture from the trailer. see the bins taking shape

setting the blocks. Kev keeping a safe distance
Moving a choke cherry we saved from the site

End of day two. back side is backfilled also with topsoil

Also end of day two. notice the topsoil in place behind bins

Here I am painting the blocks
Will is busy planting the back side,middle left of picture


  1. What are the size of these blocks and how would you estimate cost for this type of storage

    1. 6x3x2 & 3x3x2
      $68 and $45 i believe it what i paid.