Weekly update last full week in February

This off-season is flying by. It seems odd week after week to have such nice weather. We continue to plod along here doing our normal winter practices. Will has progressed through the equipment fleet doing his preventative maintenance and is now running through the fleet carts. Kevin and I spent the week tying up some lose ends: I cut expansion joints into the concrete slab for the material storage area, Kev continued breaking down benches and ball washers, as well as raking bunkers. We both worked the area around the pad to prep for the addition of the blocks that will make up the bins. The grade of this area needs to match the slab perfectly to keep the seams of these blocks correct. This required much of the same: check grades with a laser, add material compact, measure and string out bins. Seems like we have done this dozens of times in the last month and actually we have as the grade and layout has changed we just repeated this process over and over. With the pad in place we have a final grade to work off and are closing in on wrapping up this project.

Me cutting in the expansion joints with rented saw
bench legs and ball washers in shop for prep and paint
Will is off on vacation for the next week so this is the perfect time to utilize the heated shop to paint ball washers, benches and maybe even tee markers. Kevin and I started a project yesterday of running the irrigation system to the sprayer mix and load pad. This will alleviate the need to put a high hazard back flow/anti siphon on the town water feed we currently use to fill the sprayer. This became necessary after we installed the clean load system last Fall. The system will help in the mixing process and reduce the exposure to the operator but adds the risk of back flow contamination on the water supply. This is not an issue for the irrigation system.

Mix and load pad with new water line from irrigation system

looking back towards source on golf course

black apparatus is the clean load. End point of new water line
 The other added benefit to using the irrigation system is we ran a full 2" line and system pressure is 115 psi so we should be able to fill the sprayer in no time with this capacity. It was a great day being sunny and 50 degrees. At one point 4 military cargo planes flew over at once. An odd site and hope it was troops returning and not leaving. The weather turned on us today with rain predicted but it started as snow.
winter wonderland for a little while anyway

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