Winter wonderland

We finally are having our first real snowfall of the season. This will bring out the cross country skiers, sledders and what ever other winter activities snow stimulates. Most of these are not members, golfers or have a clue the possible damage they can do to a course. To off-set this Ellen has agreed to blaze a trail in her x-country skies which hopefully the others will follow. She can then avoid the greens and major played areas. Kevin recently attended a wedding in up-state NY where he ran into a golf course with an interesting sign. A very nice sign worthy of showing here:

perfect sign. Says it all.
Often when we stop skiers and ask them to please stay off the greens they will say: "what's a green" to which we all count to ten and bury the inclination to take a human life and try to explain to these people they are on a golf course, potentially trespassing and if they are really that clueless maybe they ought to stay indoors before they hurt themselves or some such speech. After years of this speech most of the regulars get the hint but there is always a new arrival every year. Thankfully we do not get a lot of snow nor does it stick around long. It is nice to give the course a break from divots and the like. Let's hope the winter users behave themselves and the course is back open soon for the diehards who must now find something to do with all their free time not being on the course.

3rd hole towards tee. morning walk w/ Bert

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