Quick update from Cape Cod

I am on vacation this week. Spent some time in the great white north over Christmas. Was nice to see snow and even nicer to come back to the Cape and have none. I hope everyone had/has a great holiday season. I will update on some goings on at the course soon but Kevin asked me to post about course conditions since he wanted to close a couple of greens today. So I took a break from my yard work and added the "course conditions" box as I did last year and will update that daily if anything changes. See below for a brief explanation:

No surprise it is our shadiest greens which are building frost and then getting mushy during the day. Remember the Winter rules for green play:

Frost Free or Fully Frozen

We have had a good stretch so far and I anticipate many more great days and the greens being open most of the time but as we transition into colder weather we may have to live with an odd temp here and there.

Thank-you for your cooperation.

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