Bunker wrap up

Kevin and I spent the day Monday wrapping up the prep for sod on the 5th bunker. Thought we would be sodding it but the day just flew by. We raked the bottom a couple times to remove any stones. We then added about 3 inches of mason sand to add a clean layer between the bottom and the white bunker sand. This was then compacted and we also compacted the faces of the bunker after another 2 dump trucks of topsoil was added and raked out. This was no small feat given the severity of the slopes. We also added a couple of dump trucks of white bunker sand and decided to shovel this out and compact this before sodding. I placed the sod so we could work if there was a frost in the morning.

5 right green side bunker ready for sod

all prepped and ready for sod to be put down
as predicted frost on top of sod

Will and Kevin laying sod

Completed bunker 5 green

another angle of completed 5 rt green side bunker

Today was a washout as we received over 2 inches of rain. I checked the sod work this morning in a lull and after 1.5 inches and both bunkers looked perfect. The new drain on one was probably working as well as it could given the amount of rain it was under. Diverting the water coming down the road from entering the material storage area has made a huge difference in the amount and type of water we get on 1. see pictures below:

storm water filling left green side bunker before road work diversion

1 green approach notice the color of the water
this morning. clean water which will eventually drain down, if it ever stops raining
I never checked to see if the left side bunker filled up with water but pretty sure it doesn't anymore. Seems like a simple thing to divert the water from entering the material storage area but the water has to go somewhere. We also added the speed bump and stop sign years ago so this had an impact on where the water travels I am sure. All in a days work.

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