Wildlife observations around the course

Many times if you pay attention you can see all sorts of wildlife around Mink Meadows. While walking the road a few weeks back I came across a small turtle. Just this week I watched an osprey fly into the top of a tree at speed trying to break off a branch to build a nest. Second time I have seen this done and it is really cool. tough to photograph with a phone camera however. here are some of the other things i was able to capture:

landowners with a beehive

White tail deer in back of parking lot

Bert trying to get me to play ball by rolling it at the cup. training is working as he stays off green

Bert again this time in a bunker. Ditto on training

White tail deer at top of pic in compost area off number six

Pair of wild turkeys with a bunch of chicks

possible feral cat looking for the turkeys?

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