another bunker re-do and a quick phone pic of a Red-Tail

My son josh has worked on and off for us for years. He is in-between jobs right now so when we can get him up in the morning he has been helping out on a few things. He saw this the other day when coming down the deck stairs.

Red Tail Hawk on bag stand by cart barn

Red Tail

We began another bunker today. We had about 30 pieces of sod leftover from our previous project so we needed to get it out somewhere. We laid it on tarps and had to mow it last week it was so tall. This week it was rooting through the tarp! The boys wanted to do the last bunker on 7 green to wrap up that hole. I thought the practice bunker or the left fairway bunker on four were in worse shape. We decided the practice bunker. This is the second time we have had to do this to this bunker since we originally built it.

check out overall size of sand foot print

Josh starting to unload tools. winter hats in may!!!

starting the sod removal. notice the depth of lip on bottom of grass edge

at least 12-14 inches of sand build up

we thought we could use workman only. 3-4 dump truck loads later

look at the edge just below the rolls. Chipping green has built up that much as well

ready for sod

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