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With all the stuff listed and explained in last weeks blog posts it seems unreal that an entire week has gone by. You might assume not much happened this week that was blog worthy. Some people might think that is the case every week! None the less there are others enjoying these musings so here goes: Monday I switched phone and Internet carriers from Verizon to Comcast. This was done to get 20 times the Internet speed. I have been using Skype to chat with Fred Pekari this off-season and my DSL just wasn't cutting it. My IT guy (MV Tech new location next to SBS VH check them out) calls it the "new dial-up". So for virtually the same price I can now enjoy truly high speed Internet once again. It went as smoothly as most things do with my laptop being taken back to the fix-it shop for a new hard drive etc... it is much faster and cannot remember when it starting going south as you just get used to things the way they are sometimes. So finally by Thursday I was 100% with new voicemail system operational and new email in place: matt@minkmeadowsgolfclub.com In the middle of all this turmoil I went to Fall River CC for a Soils First seminar put on by one of our vendors and taught by one of our suppliers. Joel Simmons was a county extension agent and professor at Rutgers in NJ for ten years before co-founding Earth Works. Their approach is organic based and through trial and error have found that their products will work better and you will actually use less of them if your soils are balanced. Why it is considered controversial to work in base saturation, microbes, healthy soil and such is baffling to me. If the microbes in the soil are not healthy and active NO products will work the way they are supposed to. I have witnessed this first hand. With our salt water issues we wreak havoc with our soils and they get slimy and all sorts of conflicted.
Joel Simmons and the meat and potatoes of our issues on the screen
We started our beach cut this week and had a few more interactions with the Mass Audubon coastal water bird folks. We have to monitor for Plovers with our project and these folks do a great job for us. More to come on this as it progresses.

Ellen Jedrey and Susan Bellincampi looking at a boat towing telephone poles to MV
Exciting  news this week is the first Greens mowing. The weather looks good for several days with night time temps above freezing so Kevin and I pulled the trigger Thursday and he mowed while I sprayed a wetting agent behind him to run the sprayer through its paces. We calibrated it first to make sure all the nozzles were within range and the machine was applying the amount we want it to. I always spray something safe enough to over/under apply just to be sure. In the middle of our work I posted a quick blog post of a picture of Kev mowing greens. We dodged some golfers who wished they had quit after nine as it really was not warm out. We ended up with only flurries turning to rain on MV while the cape had about 2inches of April fools snow.
Mardell, Ellen and Joyce on 15

Sandwich snow. came down like goose feathers
Also since my last post was the much anticipated return of our Osprey. Always a welcome site around the property. I will keep you posted if we get some residents on the moved pole from number 2

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