Friday update

This is the Friday before the charity tourney for the PA Club. It is our biggest tourney of the year with a double shotgun of fivesomes. Most of the the players are not regulars of MM so it is a perfect time for us to put the shines on the place and reap the hopefully good press amongst the Vineyard's golfers. It forces us to push a little harder but we all reap the rewards of a well prepared course. We started today with a heavy fog. It burned off to a bright sunny warm day until about 4pm when the clouds rolled in. A nice treat and great harbinger of splendid weather to come.

Fog rolled in like pea soup for about an hour. view from 5 towards 4

I ran into Kev changing cups after he and Will finished mowing tees and aprons and took a picture of the up turned plug. This demonstrates why we aerify. Notice the roots growing in the old holes.

you can clearly see 3-4 sections of roots which are growing long in the air space created by aerifying.

also today Island Timber started the second phase of tree work on the right side of the ninth hole. Two years ago some landowners pooled resources and removed a few oaks and topped a few trees to improve their view of the sound. They also planted a few cedars to protect the road from golf balls off the tee. We also gained an improvement in our view from 8 green. The next phase is in the same general area and we also gain a view of the pond and sound beyond from the 9th and putting green in this go around.

view from nine green before

during project. pictures do not do it justice.

In the middle of this post I had to run to the boat and pick up a couple of special treats for this season. A little preview for the people reading the blog: I had the ball washer towels printed with a commemorative logo as well as a set of flags.

wind was whipping this thing around so hard to photograph....

Not every day you turn 75

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