7th bunker update

Our experience is growing with every bunker we do. Certainly our time to complete is greatly improved. I started this bunker Monday night after we finished sodding 5. We continued Tuesday and put a good days work into it. I was off to Foxwoods for a fiftieth birthday party with about 18 people wed. and the boys finished this  bunker by 11:00 am. Cheryl and I played nine holes at the Lake of Isles course wed afternoon. And Thursday we added a couple more from our group and played nine holes at Stonington CC just down the road. All in all a nice time and way more fun than I thought it would be as gambling holds no interest for me at all. I kindled that feeling by watching a couple of the group play the slots. The golf courses were fun to play as it is always nice to see other courses and compare notes.
The weather here has been about the same: cold and rainy for 3-4 days than one or two nice days, repeat. The one good thing about this weather is it helps the sod take root and saves us from having to water a lot.

left of 7 green

very subtle changes to this one compared to the others

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