Snow vs Rain cont.....

Like any written article there may be some facts that are indisputable and others that do not hold as much weight as they may seem. Or changes in technology or turf breeding make lists outdated. I found an article that gives a nice explanation of crown hydration. Some of the statements however, may be misleading. Because we are on an island our temps are moderate and fluctuate often so the statement of occurrence in late winter for us really means anytime throughout the winter. Yesterday and today are both in the mid-30's so everything is still slushy and wet under the ice/snow cover. When it drops below freezing at night we are at risk for hydration injury. Also they have done a ton of plant breeding over the last 15 or so years and perennial rye grass is much more cold tolerant than it used to be. winter kill article

More pictures of the course now:

beginning of nine fairway

four fairway looking towards tee

two fairway

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